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Apex Strategy Group

About Us

Founded in 2019 by partners Todd Schweber, Matt Pattoli, and Grant Cooper, Apex Strategy is a modern business management and marketing consultancy focused on strategy, technology, and process.

We help businesses scale by installing predictable management systems and proven digital marketing strategies. All strategies and systems are powered by cutting edge technology to accelerate faster growth with less resources.

Why Apex Strategy?

Apex Strategy was created with the belief that business owners and senior leadership want a transparent, fast and predictable way to scale their marketing, sales and acquisition efforts.

Apex Strategy’s day to day takes place with the empathy that the founding members have for growth minded business people trying to get to their highest points. It is our mission to help the people, businesses and government agencies we work with leap over any hurdles standing in their way. We are a group with personal stories driving our motivation to succeed. Each person has a common cause to do good by taking bold action and driving results.

We’re a team of entrepreneurs and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. It is a distinctly American trait that differentiates us from slower, less efficient competitors who suppress out of the box thinking or who have never experienced the constant struggles of owning or running a business.

What We Believe

Passion For Results

We have a strong passion for getting our clients results and solving the problems that keep them up at night.


We believe that skills and achievement come through bold commitment and effort turning decisions into action and driving results.

Less Is More

We have a bold belief that we can help our clients achieve more without the added stress and expenditure that typically comes with wanting to grow.


We have a deep belief in radical transparency within our company and with our clients. We will always tell it like it is.

The Apex Mission

"Our mission is to help our clients reach new heights and achieve a sustainable advantage using the right people and technologies."


Todd Schweber 

Todd Schweber co-founded Apex Strategy Group with the mission to pass on the contacts, strategies, systems, sales, marketing and operating skills he has acquired through trial & error and turn them over to other founders and business leaders so they can repeat his successes in less time than it took for him.

  • 14+ years experience in Capital Markets.
  • ​10+ years in Technology sector.
  • Managed platform build resulting in $500M+ in capital transactions.
  • ​Leader in digital growth for traditionally offline worlds of real estate, oil & gas, property rights, and investment acquisitions.

Grant Cooper

Grant Cooper is a digital advertising expert and entrepreneur. In 2012, Grant co-founded Social Vantage, a digital advertising agency that specialized in creating highly profitable advertising campaigns for businesses. After working with 500+ clients, Grant sold Social Vantage to new ownership in 2019.
  • Worked with over 600+ clients in the digital marketing / advertising space.
  • ​10+ years in digital advertising.
  • Managed over $20 million in digital advertising media buys.
  • ​Founded 4 different companies (and partnered in many more).

Matt Pattoli

Matt Pattoli is an internet entrepreneur dedicated to helping companies build scalable systems and predictable lead generation strategies. In 2012, Matt co-founded Social Vantage, a digital ad agency that helped businesses install predictable lead generation strategies to capture new customers. 

Under Matt's management, the agency expanded its client base to 6 continents, while successfully providing digital marketing services to 500+ businesses ranging from small business to Fortune 500 level companies. After serving seven years as President, and developing an international client base, Matt sold Social Vantage to new ownership in 2019. 
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